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 Forever #2

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PostSubject: Forever #2   Forever #2 EmptyThu Jun 21, 2007 3:04 am

okay, so here is the sequel that i made. I mad it a bit more sci-fi and it may be a bit harder to understand in some parts, because there is a lot going on.
Forever II

“What the hell! Where the hell am I?!” I said as I was disturbed from my sleep. It was pitch black outside and I could tell that I had been sleeping for at least a day. I cleared my thoughts and walked around to only encounter more darkness. I must have walked for ages until it was daytime and I could finally see where I was. There was nothing. Only an endless plain of nothingness. I climbed up a hill, when there was finally a glimpse of hope. A peculiar building. I decided to walk into it, but inside there was only one dome-shaped which looked like it could hold be in it. I saw a red button, which I pressed. It opened the container. Inside there was something that would change my life. Inside there was me.

“You were never supposed to know this, Sky.” It was Eythion.


“Let us sit down and talk. I have to tell you everything that has happened during the last ten years.”

So he told about everything. What happened… When Eythion attacked us, it turned out that he did not just destroy our city, he destroyed the world and everything that lived on it. But before he could do this, scientists who already had prior knowledge of this teleported us into another a parallel universe. But this was new technology and there were some faults with it. It left 100 people behind. Since all life was void on the planet, the people soon had to resort to cannibalism. But luckily, one of the people was a scientist who created freezing machines to freeze us in time for eternity. But the scientist was old and could only make the freezers last for ten years. I was one of those people. And so was Eythion. It turned out that somehow all of the people that were frozen had some kind of mental connection, so when they dreamed, they dreamed about each other. The dreams have lasted for ten years…

“So, then where is Kiyomi and the others?” I asked.

“They are here as well, but not woken up.”

“That still does not explain why there are two of me.”

“When you went through that light, I believed it triggered something. I believe that dream was in fact something of a reality for you and you actually got teleported to the other world and when you went through the white light you got teleported back.”

“And how come you know all this?”

“I have been reading a book that I found here that it explains it all.”

“Oh. Can I go see the others now?

“Yes. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Do not touch your body in its cell again. It may be interesting to hear what it says when it awakes. Oh yes, and be warned, your friends may act differently in real life than in your dream. I am not saying they will, but just be warned.”

So I walked up the stairway of the lab to the second floor was and saw five other pods and all my friends talking to one another.

“So what the hell is there to eat, anyways?” I heard Reomas ask.

“I’m fucking starving,” said Thysis.

“Me too,” said Hyatsu.

“Hey, guys!” I said with a smirk

“Hi Sky!” they all said in unison.

I was so happy to see them all and contrary to Eythion’s warning, they were all the same as before. They were all really kind to me, just like before. Except Hyatsu of course. He was as quiet as ever. It was as if I was given a second chance, but there was only one problem. Kiyomi was nowhere to be found.

“Where is she?” I asked Eythion that night.

“She is not here, Sky. No of us know where she is.”

“I want to see her… I…want to tell her…”

“Tell her what, Sky? That you love her? That you hate her?”

“Words that I never said before I disappeared. Words… that may not ever be spoken now.”

“Don’t worry, no matter how you find her, she will always know. She will always know that…you loved her…”

“How, Eythion, how will she know? I never told her that day! I never said anything! Even when she said those words I didn’t even give a nod, to say you too. She will always be somewhere not knowing that I loved her! Imagine what every day of her life will be like wondering when I’ll be there to tell her! I need to find her! I need to…tell her!”

“Do not worry. I am sure one day you will discover her somewhere. She may be closer to you than you think. Always remember that, Sky.”

I could not sleep that night. Knowing that she was out there somewhere. That she was not sleeping as I was. But I had my friends here and she had no one. No one to say that they loved her. No one to comfort her. It must be awful…being her…

“What the hell is there to eat, anyways?” I heard Thysis ask.

“The scientist left all of the food that he could find in this room,” said Eythion.

We ate breakfast and then walked around the barren wasteland for the rest of the day, trying to find any form of life that we could. But to no avail. We found no life on the planet. Not even the tinniest creatures lived here it seemed. Eythion told us that, maybe one day, life would sprout up on this place once more, because there is still oxygen and water. But right now, the planet was still scarred from Eythion’s attack. There were still many fiends, though. Eythion said that wherever there is evil, there will be fiends. We killed and ate the fiends. This seemed impossible, because we were eating evil, essentially. But we did not ask questions, because the fiends were what kept us alive, but ironically, also made us fight for our lives (some of the fiends were hard, especially when all of us had lost our powers.

We found the lab again, because we had marked our trail (or else we would have been lost) and went to sleep shortly afterwards. I had an easier time getting to sleep that night, but I was always thinking about her. Until we found her, I would always be thinking about her.

The next few weeks were quite repetitive, but we were all growing stronger from the fiends. I was always thinking about her. The next night I remember clearly. I was about to learn the truth that I never wanted to hear.

I was crying and angry at Eythion. For three weeks we had not found anything. I was so angry at him. I wanted to see her so badly.

“Do you want to hear the truth, Sky? Do you?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“Are you sure?”


“Fine then. Sit down and I will tell you the truth… The truth is that, I am the scientist that has been freezing you for ten years, all for this moment. You see, when Eythion attacked your city, five people did not die. Those five people were you, the others, and me. How about Kiyomi, you ask. Well, those five people obtained strength beyond human abilities. We were afraid of what you would be capable of. So we decided to freeze you. And for good reason. It turned out that one of the people had a twin sister that turned out to be the evil that started Eythion. You see, Eythion was a fiend, sprung up from the girl’s evil. That girls evil possessed one of the scientists, me and I destroyed the world. When you defeated me in your dreams though, it triggered something that made the evil spring out of me and back into the girl. The truth is, that you, Sky, are the brother of that girl and that girl is sleeping right beside us! If we are to restore this world to what it was, we must defeat her in her evil form. That will erase everything that has happened over the pass ten years. But it would also mean that your love, your sister, will die with it. When you dreamt, she also dreamt, yet somehow she was in her normal form. If we have any hope of getting this world back, she has to die. I was going to tell you, but… It never seemed to be the right time. I know how much you cared for that girl, Sky. But now, you must show her that you love her. You must rid her of her evil. You must kill her, Sky.”


“Please, Sky. I know how hard it must be to grasp-

“How do fucking know?! Have you ever loved someone?! Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you love! I hate you! I hate you!”

I left out of the room and stormed to my bedroom. I started to cry. Tears that have never crossed my eyes. Tears of love and hate. Tears that burned on my eyes. I wanted to get revenge. I wanted to… I did not want to know the truth anymore… I wanted to hide. From this world and from the next. I wanted everything to disappear, so I would not have to deal with it anymore. Right then and there, I wanted everything. Peace, destruction, love, and hate.

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fading sun
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fading sun

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PostSubject: Re: Forever #2   Forever #2 EmptyThu Jun 21, 2007 3:05 am

part 2

This was the day…that we were going to wake her up. Now that I looked at her more closely, her face resembled mine quite a bit. Her eyes… were as beautiful as ever. It was the last time I was ever going to see them. She woke.

“Sky…” she said. But her words were lost as she began to transform. We fought against the beast, which was long and tedious. And very intense. The beast cast many spells on us that we could not bear. But we finally killed it after an hour long battle. The beast clashed down on the building and transformed back into its normal self… Kiyomi.

“Kiyomi…before you go, I want you to know that I…”

“I know, Sky, I love you too. More than ever. Thank you… for killing me and bringing peace to this world. I know how hard it must have been…”

And with that Kiyomi disappeared. I fell down to my knees, crying. It seemed like an eternity before my head was up again. And when I looked up, I was about to see something that was going to be the key to ever seeing Kiyomi again…

I woke up, still amazed at what I just saw. I was in the world before Eythion destroyed it. There were people talking. I was in my hometown. It looked just like what it had before the incident. I experienced a weird feeling of both grief and joy. Joy that this world had returned to its normal state, but grief that it had to end this way. I wanted to see her. Just once even. But now I knew that that was never going to happen…

It has been two years since that happened and I am still thinking about her every day of my life. All of my friends have settled down. None of us know where Eythion went, but he has probably disappeared now that his work is done. I am sure one day we will meet again and have a good talk. He has taught me many lessons in life.

Coincidently, the next day, we met.

“Hello, Sky. How has it been these last two years?”

“Okay… I still think about her every day…”

“Sky, do want to know something. It is something to do with her.”

“Yes, of course I want to know.”

“When I was a scientist, I learned that there were actually essences. I think that your dream was a bit more of a dream and we actually got teleported to an alternate dimension, but with essences as well. I believe that when there was the Balance Essence, Kiyomi’s evil was purged from her and possessed me instead. I think that there actually may be Essences on this planet and if we find the Balance Essence we could be able to resurrect Kiyomi. Although, her evil would have to go somewhere…”

“We would just destroy it, right?”

“It is not that simple. I believe that we can create a vessel in which the evil will possess. We can seal the vessel and then the evil will never bother us again.”

“Great, so have you made a vessel.”

“No, Sky, I am the vessel.”

“…You are…willing to…”

“My life is coming to an end, Sky. I have given this world all I can give. I think it would be appropriate if I was the one.”

“Okay, if you insist…”

“Yes, I do. Let us now find the Balance Essence before it is too late!”

So, for the next month we searched every corner of the Earth just to find the Balance Essence. We ironically found it in the same place as in the Dream World. I summoned it where I had said goodbye to Kiyomi two years ago. We saw a black figure come out of the ground. It was Eythion. We fought him. It took us a while, but we soon were victorious. We saw the evil come out of it and head towards the old man. It possessed him and I quickly put him in the pod in which he was to sleep in. On the ground, I saw Kiyomi.



“I want you to know that I love you…more than ever…”

“I love you too, Sky. I have missed you so much!”

We hugged and cried. I was so happy to see her again. So happy that she knew now that I loved her. My feelings that day could never be expressed into words. I never wanted that moment to end. But it had to. I let go of Kiyomi, my face still drenched in tears. As were hers. That night was the best night of my life. As well as my last.

“Kiyomi… I have to tell you something.”

“Yes, what?”

“After this… this night, I will no longer be here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That old scientist, he did not get possessed by darkness. I did. I have been darkness ever since that day. I must go from this world in order to forever get rid of my darkness.”

“But, Sky… Why…”

“I need to do this. When I summon my darkness, you will need to put it into one of the capsules. Promise you will do that?”


“But you will also have to freeze my light form, so there will never be a chance for the darkness to return again. You must do this for me, Kiyomi… For me and the rest of the world.”

“I will… I promise…”

The next day, I summoned my darkness. I immediately saw a mirror image of myself right beside me.

“Now, Kiyomi! Seal it!”

The darkness was sealed now. Now it was my turn. I walked into the capsule right beside the one of my other self. This was the last time I was ever going to see the world from my eyes.

“Kiyomi… I want you to know that I love you before I do this…”

“Promise me you will find a way, Sky… Promise me you will find a way to get out!”

“I… I promise.”

And with that, I went into the capsule. I may find a way to get out of the capsule. Maybe not now, maybe not ever. But I promise that I’ll be with you again. Maybe even sooner than you think. I started to think about everything that had happened over the past twelve years. I still remember your words from that day, Kiyomi… I love you too…forever.


Scientist 15784 on the date of 2134 CE,

Today we found two interesting specimens underneath the ground. We say about a thousand years ago. Further research will be conducted into the matter. We have brought them out of their capsules. One is an old man, about in his sixties, we predict. The other was a man in his mid-twenties. On this man’s capsule, strangely enough, there was a sign that said “OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.” But we were all too curious to obey that command. We are curious to hear what the specimens will say when they wake up. Strangely enough, one of the capsules we found was empty. Scientists are baffled by this, but we prefer to not ask questions. We will continue to investigate this matter until we solve this mystery.
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PostSubject: Re: Forever #2   Forever #2 EmptyTue Jul 03, 2007 4:12 am

very nice =]] hehe keep up the good work
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PostSubject: Re: Forever #2   Forever #2 EmptyTue Sep 11, 2007 2:07 am

thank you ^.^
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