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 Chapter 2: Till Dusk

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Chapter 2: Till Dusk Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: Till Dusk   Chapter 2: Till Dusk EmptyMon Jul 02, 2007 9:09 am

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHapter 2 Till Dusk
As fi and Ryoko walk off the airship a nearby building crumbles to the ground and a large purple cloud arose to cover the building. Many people stumbled out of the could. A man stumbled out towards our airship but was dragged back by an invisible figure.
"The Dark Renegade must be behind this" said Ryoko "scope them out Fi"
"sure thing"
Fi screwed on a scope on her dusk, peering through the scope and spots an assassin cross. She fires but the bullet ricochets off the assassin cross's armor and hits the nearby assassins. 5 assassins fell to the floor screaming in pain.
"nice work fi".
"thanks, i saw an assassin cross but his armor was too strong for my bullets".
Fi scopes again and sees the amazing speed of the assassin cross. The assassin cross disappeared and reappeared behind Fi. He knocked her out with a jab to the neck.
"FI" screamed Ryoko
Ryoko summons her 5 spirit spheres and goes ballistic, the spheres fase away which left her body glowing red.
The assassin cross disappeared, instanly Ryoko sensed him out. She turnd around and punches him in the chest then one to his gut and face he fell to the floor. He pushed himself off the ground and wiped the blood away.
"you quite fast m'lady, to of been able to spot me, Now try THIS"
The assassin cross creates a clone and then both of them disappear.
"Got you" said Ryoko
grabbing the assassin cross and knee'ing him in the stomach
"you are forgeting something, my other clone!"
"thats what you think"
Ryoko throws the assassin cross into his clone behind her.
"you shouldnt underestimate me just because im a girl"
The assassin cross bows down to Ryoko but he grabs a poisoned knife and throws it at Ryoko with blinding speed and run off. Ryoko falls to the ground as the poisin flows through her viens. A while later fi wakes, she looks around and sees Ryoko lying there on the ground, she runs over "HELP HELP" screams fi
A young Alchemist runs by and heards fi's screams. He runs over to see whats happend, he analyise the body and
"she is poisoned, this should help"
He pulls out a green potion from his bag and pours it into Ryoko's mouth
"it seems that she has being poisoned by an assassin cross their poison are most lethal, if not treated the victim will die within a day"
"thank you, whats your name?" said fi
"my name is Luck, and yours?"
"oh, its fi"
"Nice meeting you fi your friend here should wake up soon enough" said Luck
Ryoko opens her eyes and looks around and sees fi cleaning her dusk. Ryoko pushes herself off the ground. Fi turns around and sees Ryoko on her feet
"how are you feeling?"
"pretty good"
" really need to become stronger, follow me"
Ryoko lead fi to the town square then she opens out her hands and a lagre shimmering portal appears
"jump in"
As fi jumps in so does Ryoko
"where are we?"
"you really dont know anything, this is Prontera"
Fi looks around and sees Tiger and his sage friend, she turns and looks the other direction.
"Heeeey! Fi!!!" shouts Tiger
Fi turns around and waves. Tiger walks towards fi
"heya how did you get here?" said tiger
"my friend warped me here" said fi
Fi points to Ryoko
"so you found yourself a new friend" said fi
"let me introduce him his name is Scrib" said Tiger
"hi" said scrib
Ryoko turns around and sees Tiger and Fuzzcat
"hi" said ryoko
"hello" said fuzzcat
"hey" said tiger
"well im off i guess ill see you guys later" said Tiger
"okay" said fi
"bye" said Ryoko
"cya" said Scrib
Ryoko taps fi on the shoulder
"alright now lets go training"
"can i tag along?" said fuzzcat
"sure" said Ryoko
Ryoko, fi and fuzzcat stroll down the streets of prontera eye'ing the exotic items on sale. They reach the southern portal of prontera. Outside the lush green grass and the sky a mix of orange and blue and the sun barely able to keep it self up. Fi loads her Dusk with some bullets and fires a round at the nearby porings and lunatics. Scrib flinches as this was the first time he saw a gun. Scrib with gleeming eyes checks out the gun
"wow pretty nice rifle you got there fi" said fuzzcat
"heh thanks" said fi
A large angel appeared onto of fi's head
"congrats fi you LVLed up "
"thanks" said fi
After a while Scrib starts shooting arrows at nearby monsters, until he noticed that a black shadow was infront of him.
"whos there?" siad fuzzcat
" eyes" said a rough voice
"show your self" said fuzzcat
"i wasnt thinking you could see me, you weak sage" said the rough voice
Suddenly a bullet pierces his armor and is knocked out of his invisible state.
"mm i see that youve gotten stronger little gunslinger"
"stop following us!" said fi
"you wont get away this time" said ryoko
"oh you are still alive? you really are strong " said the rough voice
"heh i told you not to underestimate me" said Ryoko
"what is your name?" said fi
"well you have to catch me first" said the rough voice
"wait!" said fi
it was too late the assassin cross had disappeared without a trace, a few minutes later a few guardsmen came by asking
"have you seen an Assassin cross nearby?"
we nodded out heads and discribed him to the guards. The guards were called back after that. We continued training fi becoming stronger and stronger as the time passes. The sun starts to set and the sky becomes many darker shades of orange and blue.
"That should do it for the day" said Ryoko
"im all out" said fi
"me too" said fuzzcat
Ryoko raises her hands and a soft light falls on fi and Scrib they were both revitalised.
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Chapter 2: Till Dusk Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Till Dusk   Chapter 2: Till Dusk EmptyFri Jul 06, 2007 3:13 pm

hahaha soo cool! xDDDDD

Chapter 2: Till Dusk Kjkgaraa%20(Custom)

Try too find some ídes about this forum just post on Forum suggestions ;))
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Chapter 2: Till Dusk
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