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 Ragnarok Online Story!

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PostSubject: Ragnarok Online Story!   Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:58 am

[This story was written for the friends i had met on RO]

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHapter 1 New beginings.

It's a later afternoon in a gunshop in einbroch.
"you have any bullets??" said a soft voice.
"yea whatcha need?" replied a voice.
"mm .. some magazines of silver bullets" asked a soft voice.
Two shadowy figures entered they pulled out thier weapons and aimed them at the vendor, with a blink of an eye both figures were on the floor. From behind came a taekwon boy.
"hey you guys alright?" said the taekwon boy.
"thanks tiger"said the vendor.
"no sweat victor" said tiger.
Tiger starts to ponder the store and see's a young female gunslinger, she looks down and sees tiger looking at her, she is disturbed and turns around.
"hello there" said tiger she only waves back. Tiger walks up to her
"you new around here?" asked tiger.
"yeah pretty much" said a soft voice.
"my name is fi"
"well nice meeting you fi im off, cya victor" said tiger.
As tiger walks out of the shop a customer rushed in with a gatling gun strapped to his back. A tall stong figure placed his gun gatling gun on the table.
"can you fix this?"said a harsh voice.
"you can pick it up tommorow"said victor.
"thanks"the hard voice replied.
as he left fi noticed he left a card on the table. Fi grabbed the card and ran out off the shop, fi looked around and sees the man walking down the street. Fi ran towards the man and tapped him on the shoulder
"excuse me, you left this in the shop"said fi.
"thank you" the harsh voice said.
"dont worry about it"
"here have this"said the harsh voice he tosses her a lens.
"thanks"said fi.
Fi smiles and walks away. fi returns to the shop and asks what the lens is.
" this is a powerful lens which slides in your gun fo a boost in accuracy, victor quickly installed the lens in fi's Dusk

With a newly installed lens fi takes her dusk out to test, she walks out of the shop and hears a click. Fi peers around...within a second a large metal cage lands on top of her. Fi grabs the metal bar and trys to break it when suddenly she falls to the floor unconcious. Seconds later a champion walks by and sees fi lying on the ground in a metal cage. She scopes the area looking for the crooks who did this. There was no one around, she crept closer but something caough her eye it was a shadow. The champion summons 5 light blue spheres. She punches the ground with all her strength the spheres disappear and leaves her in a ballistic state. Her body now glowing red, she turns the corner and pounces on the crook. Every punch landed on the crook became stronger and stronger untill the last punch which could crush an entire building drove up his stomach the crook draws his last breath and falls to the ground dead. The champion fades out of her ballistic state and becomes calm. She walks up to the cage and beginns to channel her force into her right fist with a touch the metal cage shattered.

The champion picks fi up. She carries her to the airship and sets off for Alberta. As they neared Alberta fi wakes up to find herself on an airship.
"where am i?" said fi.
"dont worry your safe with me"a voice said.
Fi turns and sees a young champion sitting beside her
"who are you..?" said fi.
"the names..Ryoko" said the champion
"i found you unconcious on the ground, though you neede some medical attention so i brought you here." said ryoko
"hehe thanks" said fi.
The ship suddenly stopped and a man walks by
"We have arrived at Alberta, Have a nice day".

[First Chapter xD]
[I need Some Characters]
Assassin Cross
Lord Knight
High Wizard

[You can put in your own characters]
Characters Name:
Job Class:
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok Online Story!   Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:22 pm

I will join:

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Try too find some ídes about this forum just post on Forum suggestions ;))
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Ragnarok Online Story!
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